How Using Google Adwords to YOUR benefit can Transform the way you Market Your Business

google-adwordsHow Using Google Adwords to YOUR benefit can Transform the way you Market Your Business

We all know something about SEO, some of us more than others. What many of us website owners don’t understand is that proper use of Keyword Optimization can greatly impact a marketing campaign. If you can understand just how important it is to find which keywords your potential clients are looking for – you can help your business out significantly. I’ll teach you how.

Google offers a free Keyword checker, which can be found here: “”&HYPERLINK “”__u=1000000000HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “”ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS

The purpose, if you aren’t familiar, is to find out exactly what your potential customers are typing in to Google. For instance, say you run a website that sells organic pet food, if your customers are typing into Google “Organic Cat Food” far more frequently than “Organic Pet Food” then you would be better off using the more popular Keyword when optimizing your blog posts.

The more applicable your keywords are, the better your site will do in terms of SEO.

For example, in this scenario, the phrase “Organic Cat Food’ is searched 4,400 times each month across the plane while “Organic Pet Food” is searched just 3,600 times. In this scenario, you would be missing out on 800 potential customers by misusing the Keyword. What you can also take from this is that people are specific!

You get the point now don’t you?

When first reaching this site, the first thing you need to do is look at the left hand side of the page, there is a box next to the word ‘phrase’. You need to check that box before you do anything else. By clicking this box you are choosing to find matches of searches on Google from those who use apostrophes in their searches as well as those who don’t bother with them.

Example: If someone is searching for Organic Cat Food, the results won’t show for the people who are searching for “Organic Cat Food”.

Once you’ve found your results you will notice a few categories on the right side. The first is “Competition” and that indicates the number of advertisers on Google Adwords bidding for the keyword. The next category is “Global Monthly Searches” and, as you would expect, indicates how many searches are being done around the globe. Lastly, “Local Monthly Searches” indicates how many searches are being done within your state. Interestingly worded right?

Anyways, if you can learn how to properly use this free keyword tool you will find your website improving in the search engine ranks.

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