My name is Taylor Condrin and I’m the founder of www.breakthroughmillionaire.com.

Breakthrough Millionaire was created with a few things in mind. First, I wanted a way to transfer my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship to others. Secondly, I wanted to be able to research and provide resources relating to innovative business concepts. And last but not least, I wanted a place that YOU could feel comfortable visiting to learn more about entrepreneurship, financial freedom, and personal development.

The decision to create Breakthrough Millionaire was inspired by a few different things. I was never an inside-the-box type thinker so college wasn’t a good fit for me so I got started working. I took a job selling high quality kitchen cutlery to people in their homes. It was an awesome experience that kick-started my desires for self-employment and entrepreneurship. The skills I developed and network I established are worth more than any dollar I ever earned selling knives.

I absorbed everything I could about making wise financial choices at a young age so I could secure a more rewarding financial future. I now plan on sharing everything I learned with YOU.

When I started to succeed in my company, I often found myself speaking to big groups of people at different work related events. The feeling of motivating and helping others is exhilarating and addicting. Nothing made me happier than when someone would approach me after a speech and tell me I inspired them, taught them, or enlightened them.

I figured out my purpose in life is to succeed in business so I can motivate other young entrepreneurial-minded individuals to go out and make an impact in the business world and establish a long-lasting residual financial plan.

Nothing would bring me greater happiness than to see YOU accomplish your biggest dreams and goals with the aid of my support, teachings and resources.

Thank you again for reading this and if you plan on joining the site as a member, I look forward to connecting with you personally.

Taylor Condrin

Founder, Breakthrough Millionaire

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